Sunday, 17 November 2013


Delicious Recipes for the Family


Who does not know gado - gado with peanut souce typical . If you feel bored with the cuisine that's it , you can make this Indonesian cuisine for a change .ingredients :150 g tofu , fried and sliced ​​thin .150 g tempeh , fried and sliced ​​thin150 g cabbage , bones removed , boiled and sliced ​​thin .150 g bean sprouts , roots removed and brewed with hot wateroil for fryingwater to boil150 g green beans, washed and cut into 2 cm and then boiled150 g curly lettuce , sliced ​​2 cm3 eggs , boiled and cut each into 2 parts1 cucumber , skin removed and sliced ​​thin .1 red tomatoes , cut into 8 piecesPeanut Sauce Ingredients :250 g peanuts , roasted and skin removed then puree2 tablespoons vegetable oil5 cloves of garlic that has been crushed3 pieces of red chilli , mashed5 kaffir lime leaves500 ml coconut milk from half coconut grated .50 g brown sugar , finely combed3 tbsp tamarind water .1 tsp saltHow to Make Gado Gado :

Add the oil to the skillet with a lot of volume then heat .
Fried tempeh then know until crisp .
Arrange slices , lettuce , egg , cucumber , tomato , tofu and tempeh on a serving plate and set aside .
To make the peanut sauce , first heat the oil , saute garlic , red chilli and lime leaves until fragrant .
Enter the peanuts that have been smoothed and mendidih.tambahkan coconut milk and stir until the brown sugar , tamarind water and salt . Cook until fragrant and brown sugar lift .
Pour peanut sauce on vegetables that have been laid out .
Ust hodgepodge ready to eat .